Global Canadian Pharmacy is a privately held compounding and retail pharmacy specializing in dispensing finished dosage medications as well as custom prescription pharmaceuticals designed to meet the individual needs of our patients. Since 2007, Global Canadian Pharmacy has been delivering family-centered and affordable  service that fully adheres to the highest demands of professional integrity and compassionate caring.

We are proud to have been trusted to provide first-class healthcare services and supply high-quality medications to local and global communities for the better part of the past two decades. With the original pharmacy based and still operating successfully in Vaughan (Ontario, Canada), we now have over a dozen brick-and-mortar locations scattered around the country. In the meanwhile, our handy website and mobile application allow us to connect with and be of assistance to people globally.

Our Story

We started our journey as a single-location compounding pharmacy catering to the needs of a small number of Vaughan locals and their families. By consistently investing in advancing our technologies and hiring top talents, we have been able to grow a local business into an internationally recognized and widely trusted brand.

Understanding the challenges of the ever-transforming healthcare industry, we have taught ourselves to be highly agile and quick to respond to evolving needs and demands of our customers. There is no task too complicated for us and no request from our customers that we will not try to meet. In the broadest sense, Canadian Pharmacy is still the close-to-home drugstore it used to be back in 2007 only with much more enhanced capacities, better knowledge and expertise, and an ever greater understanding of and appreciation for what it means to be part of the global healthcare system that stands guard over the health of every person and future generations.

Our Benefits

We are a highly patient-oriented service focused on helping each customer feel most comfortable and well-cared-for as they are making their way to recovery with the help of complete and comprehensive health solutions we provide. Seeking to become a one-stop pharmaceutical hub that can satisfy the needs in medications and healthcare advice for an entire family, we have recently expanded our business domains to include family vaccination services, sleep apnea services, diabetes screening, and cardiac screening services, etc.

Apart from being so handy and versatile when it comes to the services given, Global Canadian Pharmacy offers a wide range of other benefits to its customers in Vaughan and all around Canada. These include:

  • A vast array of prescription and OTC medications, both custom compounded drugs and market-ready solutions from trusted local and foreign manufacturers.
  • A team of highly skilled experts capable of delivering timely and personalized care to customers.
  • The ability to deliver highly customized and advanced compound medication solutions to patients with unique treatment needs.
  • Strict adherence to the highest standards in sterility and stability.
  • Affordable prices for all our medications and a flexible discount program for regular and bulk customers.

The one thing that helps Global Canadian Pharmacy to be better than most others is that we truly care if our patients get their high-quality treatments on time, can afford those, and can easily obtain expert pharmaceutical advice when they need it most.