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Privacy Policy

At Globalcanadianpharmacy.com, we are committed to securing your privacy and enhancing your buying experience. Because of this, we want to be transparent and honest about why we gather information, what kind of information we collect, how we use it, and what options are available to you regarding our use of your information. Please note that on this website, we might also gather, exploit, and share cumulative, anonymous data that cannot be used to identify individual users.

We collect the above information with the purpose of helping you save time and money and improving your overall online shopping experience on this website.

In our work, we are guided by the following key principles, which also lay the foundation of our privacy policy:

  • We value our users’ trust, respect their privacy, and are bound and determined to secure it.
  • We are always open about the methods and purposes of collecting and using the data our customers provide.
  • The data we gather enables us to provide greater value to our customers; that includes offering them discounts and improving their shopping experiences.

We reserve the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time if our company, the law, or customers’ needs change. By clicking on the Privacy Policy link at the bottom of any page of this website, you can always access and review the most recent privacy statement copy.

By continuing to use the Globalcanadianpharmacy.com website and services, you confirm your agreement with the terms of this Privacy Policy. Our services are provided to Canadian customers, and this Privacy Policy is subject to Canadian legal regulations. When accessing this website or our services from outside Canada, you consent to the application of Canadian law.

Return Policy

General Rules

Legally, after a prescription drug has left the pharmacy, it cannot be returned for further resale. Globalcanadianpharmacy.com will refund any patient and insurance costs if a prescription error has occurred on our side.

*Prescription errors are any avertable occurrences that affect one or more aspects of the prescription filling process (i.e., wrong name of the recipient, wrong drug, wrong formulation or dosage, incorrect directions, etc.)

Globalcanadianpharmacy.com may not be held responsible for:

  • Mistakes made by your physician/physician’s office when ordering your prescription.
  • The patient’s disappointment with the ordered medication due to its color, size, flavor, availability of a certain side effect, and lack of the expected efficacy.
  • Mistakes made by the patient or caregiver when calling for refills.

*When calling for refills, please ensure you have the most recent available prescription handy with up-to-date information on the name, the RX number, the drug name & dose, and the required quantity. It is the responsibility of the patient to let the pharmacy staff know if their therapy, personal information, address, or insurance has changed.

A prescription will not be eligible for refund more than 10 days after the patient has received it.

There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all products offered by our vitamin and supplement manufacturers:

  • The unused portion of products may be returned by the patient within 30 days following the purchase if the customer is not satisfied with their purchase.
  • In this case, the customer will get a full refund (sans shipping and handling costs) or will be offered to have the product replaced.
  • The patient must include the original sales receipt when returning supplements/vitamins.

Cookie Policy

Before you proceed to navigate this website, please be informed that we save and use cookies to collect general, non-personally identifiable data about our visitors and be able to offer them consistently improved services. By continuing to stay on and use this website, you agree to the terms and conditions of this Cookie Policy and acknowledge our right to manage cookies in the manner outlined below.

1. About cookies

Cookies are small-sized text files that websites offer to be placed and stored on your device. Once you grant such consent, the file is installed, and cookies begin assisting in online traffic analysis or notifying you when you visit a specific website. By obtaining and retaining information about your preferences via cookies, web applications can customize their operations to meet users’ unique needs, likes, and dislikes better.

2. Cookies on the Globalcanadianpharmacy website

Our website, https://globalcanadianpharmacy.com (for convenience, referred to as “the website”) uses cookies and other similar technologies (for convenience, referred to as “cookies.”) Additionally, third parties that we have engaged may also use cookies on our website. The below document outlines the main terms and conditions for our use of such cookies. 

It may be essential to use specific technologies like cookies to maintain or extract certain data from your device when you visit our website.

Here are the three types of cookies we may use on the Globalcanadianpharmacy.com:

2.1 Functional cookies 

Functional cookies help us ensure that specific parts of this website operate correctly and that your user preferences are remembered by the site. We facilitate your use of our website by putting functional cookies on your computer. Please note that these cookies might be placed on your device by us without your permission.

2.2 Statistics cookies

To gain knowledge about how our website is used and to further enhance our users’ experience on the website, we employ statistics cookies. 

2.3 Marketing cookies

This type of cookie is used for behavioral targeting. Often served by third parties, these cookies help track the user’s journey across our website for marketing purposes.

3. Placed cookies duration

In terms of duration, the cookies we use on the Canadian Pharmacy website can be divided into session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies only last as long as the user’s session lasts and are immediately removed from your device once you close the browser. Persistent cookies are retained on your device until destroyed or until set to expire. 

4. Browser and device-based consent

When visiting our website for the first time or accessing it from a new device, the user is shown a pop-up message explaining about cookies. Every visitor to our website has the right to opt-out of and forbid the use of non-functional cookies on their devices.

5. Enabling/disabling/deleting cookies

You can manually or automatically remove cookies using your web browser. Additionally, you can define which cookies cannot be placed on your device. Another alternative is to modify your internet browser settings so that you are informed each time a cookie is installed. Visit the Help section of your preferred web browser to receive detailed instructions on how to do that.

6. Your rights regarding personal data

The following are your legal rights concerning your personal data management:

  • to request access to the information we process about you
  • to object to the processing of specific data about you
  • to ask for an overview of the data that we process about you in a frequently used format
  • to request correction, removal, or restriction on processing if the data about you is inaccurate, irrelevant, or outdated.

To exercise the above rights, contact us via one of the communication channels described in the Contact details section of this Cookie Policy.

Please check our Privacy Statement for additional details regarding your rights relating to personal data.

7. Contact details

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this Cookie Policy, feel free to contact us in one of the following ways:

Global Canadian Pharmacy

  • Address: 34 Muir Dr, St. Albert, AB T8N 1G3, Canada
  • Website: globalcanadianpharmacy.com
  • Email: qa@globalcanadianpharmacy.com

This Cookie Policy was last updated on 09/02/2022 and applies to all individuals, organizations, websites, and third-party platforms that seek to access and use the Global Canadian Pharmacy website.