Feldene is a medication that is commonly used to relieve localized pain and/or inflammation. The most common causes for use include:

  • Degenerative joint disease;
  • Enthesopathy;
  • Epicondylitis;
  • Tendinosus;
  • Tenosynovitis;
  • Sprains and strains of different kinds.

How Does It Help?

The active ingredient of this drug is piroxicam. Piroxicam is something that is called an NSAID, a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug or cyclooxygenase enzyme inhibitor. Those types of therapeutic medications are used to relieve pain and inflammation caused by different kinds of tissue damage and tissue inflammation. It must be noted that piroxicam is also available under its generic name, which means that you can get it at a lower price.

It works by neutralizing the action of cyclo-oxygenase, an agent that is known for helping produce various different chemicals in our bodies, including prostaglandins. Those physiologically active lipid compounds are responsible for pain, swelling, and inflammation-type reactions. As a cyclooxygenase enzyme inhibitor, Feldene blocks the creation of the above-mentioned physiologically active lipid compounds, which helps ease pain and reduce swelling.

How to Use Feldene?

There are two forms in which Feldene is presented on the market. It can be used as a gel or in tablet form. The latter is more straightforward and easier to use. The dosage will depend on the severity of your condition and for how long you wish to use the drug. In general, all dosing recommendations must be made in consultation with your doctor. Once you start taking the drug, you should pay close attention to how it is helping you and how long you should keep using it. If you start experiencing any side effects, you should stop using it.

Here is how you should Feldene in its gel form:

  1. Gently rub it into the affected area of the skin.
  2. Rub the medication in until it is completely absorbed.
  3. Be sure to clean your hands after using the medicine.
  4. There are several things to keep in mind while using this medication:

Remember not to use it more than three, four times in a single day.

Be sure to not cover the affected area with bondage or any other fabric. This will increase the absorption rate and could lead to major side effects

Special Considerations of Feldene

When you use Feldene in its gel form, it must be used only as a gel. If you use it in tablet form, you should only use the prescribed dosage and not alter it on your own.

Be sure to prevent the gel from getting in your mouth, eyes, nose or genitals. If something like that does occur, you need to immediately wash the area with soap and water.

In gel form, Feldene is absorbed into your body in smaller dosages, which means that is less likely to trigger any adverse reactions at all. Because of that, people with poor health should go for the gel form.


There are always precautions to take into consideration. Before using Feldene, you have to take a look at the information below:

  • It is advised NOT to use Feldene if you had severe allergic reactions in the past.
  • It is advised NOT to use Feldene if you are under twelve years old.
  • It is advised NOT to use Feldene if you are allergic to any of its components.

People with kidney and/or liver issues should not take Feldene. The same can be said about those who are pregnant and breastfeeding and those who experienced internal bleeding or ulcers in the past.

Feldene Prices in Canada

Feldene prices in Canada are moderately higher than the ones in the United States. It makes sense for you to go for the non-brand version if you are worried about overspending. Feldene is much pricier than Piroxicam. With Piroxicam, it is possible to buy 100 capsules for $100 or a bit more.

There are different factors that influence the price of Feldene in Canada. These factors include how easy it is for the seller to obtain the product and how easy it is for them to deliver it to your doorstep, among many others. Online pharmacies with well-developed logistics can easily source Feldene and ship the products to you at much cheaper prices.


When it comes to the gel, you just apply the medication to the affected area and leave it there for about an hour before you wash your hands thoroughly. You will need to be on the lookout for any contact dermatitis or skin irritation, as these might happen as side effects. Anyway, the dose that you end up with is what you see as sufficient as you cover the affected area.

When talking about tablets, you can start off at 10mg of Piroxicam or Feldene. You must pay close attention to your body while taking the tablets and closely monitor any side effects. If the quantity of medicine that you get ends up being less than what is required, you have to take more. There are 20mg tablets available or you could just take two 10mg tablets. Either way, there are options for those that are unable to take Feldene gel or want a more potent version.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for the most effective product and reasonably-priced product in this niche, Feldene is a great option. Piroxicam is even better because it is cheaper.

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