This product is also known as vardenafil. Generic Levitra is a medication that is used for the treatment of ED (erectile dysfunction) in men. It offers similar results to Viagra in terms of ED treatment. Levitra does have several differences on a molecular level, which actually puts it at an advantage – it lasts longer than Viagra.

As we already established, Levitra is vardenafil and vardenafil is an inhibitor of PDE5. This enzyme, PDE5, is heavily involved in the management of blood circulation in the penile arteries. In other words, it regulates just how much blood is flowing to the penis during sexual arousal.  When PDE5 inhibitors are introduced into the circulation, they help to regulate this effect. They increase blood flow to the penis, which causes strong, lasting erections, and in some cases, additional lubrication.

You have to understand that Levitra only works if you are in a state of sexual arousal. If you are not aroused, then this pill is useless. Levitra should be consumed by men experiencing ED not as a last resort, but as a means to boost confidence and combat one of the greatest sexual obstacles. Oftentimes root causes of ED are entirely psychological, so boosting your confidence can help combat ED before it progresses to the point of always having to take medication.

Sometimes, Levitra was used as a cure for premature ejaculation. Not all countries license it for that specific usage, so more research is required before it is possible to gauge its effects.

Why Does Erectile Dysfunction Exist?

More often than not, it all boils down to a psychological issue that you need to overcome. However, it must be noted that there is a varied spectrum of causes for ED that can be divided into three groups:

  • Physical. Recent injures, physical oddities, impaired circulation to the penis, and other medical issues can cause ED.
  • Lifestyle. ED happens more often in men who are smoking, using drugs, or drinking more than their weekly recommended allowance. Physical problems can also arise.
  • Psychological. Insecurity, stress, and many other issues can contribute to ED.

Doses of Vardenafil

Generic Levitra dose is important to understand since incorrect or high dosage can have some major adverse effects. Levitra dose does not vary based on pharmacies. The product comes in three different doses:

  • 5 mg. It is the weakest dose available. Usually recommended for people that experienced a strong reaction while taking the standard dose of 10 mg.
  • 10 mg. It is the dose that is recommended for most men in all countries. It is believed to be roughly the optimal dose no matter what age, weight, or medical condition you may be.
  • 20 mg. This is the highest dose available. It is only used when 10mg provides little to no effect. The dose of 20 mg is not difficult to attain since the manufacturer is transparent about its dosages.

First-Time Experience

Here is how you take Levitra in order to achieve the desired effect:

  1. Pick the right dose. Usually, it is recommended to start with 10 mg, however it is important that you have a conversation with your doctor before settling on a dose.
  2. Take the pill 60 to 120 minutes before you are required to perform. It is recommended that you use condoms to ensure maximum protection.

You must know that it is not recommended to use this product more than once in the span of 24 hours.


Always pay attention to precautions. That way, you can easily avoid negative reactions like headaches, nausea, dizziness, vertigo, and chest pains that come with prolonged use of certain drugs.

This product should NOT be used by those who recently experienced a heart attack or a stroke. Men who have suffered from angina, low or high blood pressure, liver problems, or who are on nitrates should not use Levitra.

There is no upper age limit for men to use Levitra. However, it cannot be used by those under the age of 18. There exists a list of drugs that might interact with Levitra and there’s a possibility of a person experiencing irregular heart rate if this medication is taken simultaneously with other medications.

Important Information

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